Dear As A Dream

Once again I find you wandering into my sight
I’m helpless to marvel upon you standing softly in this light
Your bright curly hair is up,it hangs down upon you with such grace
Soft waving strands brush silently across your pretty face
You are close,just a few feet away
Yet I fumble on my thoughts and can find not a single word to say
My world seems to sway to the movement of your hips
And lost dreams of my sleepless nights rest calmly upon your lips
Such a pretty little woman brings so many thoughts untold
I catch myself daydreaming how it would all unfold
A moonlight sky and a cool autumn breeze
Holding onto you tightly yet with the greatest of ease
As close as a memory but as dear as a dream
The most perfect night I could imagine it would seem
The wind blowing through that long gorgeous hair
I close my eyes to the feel of it surrounding me everywhere
Reveling in the warmth from your angelic skin
The dream repeats in my head over and over again
My arms wrap around you ,you stare up at me with those bright blue eyes
In that moment everything in the world that was wrong instantly dies
My hands upon your face a blessing for my fingertips
You pull my toward you and a kiss swept upon our lips
Duties of the day snap me from my daze
Yet I spend the rest of my night living in a haze
Our paths cross once again but are met only with short smiles
Yet even just that little moment moves my mind for miles
I don’t exactly know what made me begin to feel this way
Or if ill ever live that dream someday
All I know is I feel this deep attraction
And it remains no matter your reaction
I will not make my feelings a burden to you
But a day will come I will speak of what is true
What ever the case glimpses and smiles for now will suffice
And I will swim through these thoughts you entice
I wouldn’t dare do anything to take away the smile
That in a moment makes a long day seem worthwhile


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