Darkest Of My Desires

Midnight comes to life tangled in the darkness of your hair
Your presence intriguing as it thickens the very air
Snowy white skin look cold but is warm to the touch
My fingers roll across it with an embrace I desire so much
My arms coil around your beckoning hips
My eyes trace the sharp edges of your pretty pink lips
Your lips so close to mine I share in every breath you draw
My soul burns for this hotter than I have ever saw
My hands crawl up your back slowly and sure
Your poison flows within me and I am without the cure
In this moment I cannot be ashamed
For unleashing this hunger that has long gone untamed
My hands come to rest on your shoulders and I look into your eyes
I grin in anticipation as any thought of stopping slowly dies
I stand above you eagerly looking down
The dim lit room is quiet and you wear my every attention upon you like a gown
The time has come as we cast away all hesitation
You press your lips upon mine with wanting aspiration
You lay there before me so softly and bold
We come together with the story our passion has told
It is as if a dream had been spilled right out of my head
The hottest and darkest of my desires right here with me in this bed


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