The day is new how softly did you wake
Were you dreams as good as the smiles you always make
Did you wander through the autumn forest safe within the trees
Or stand upon the coast casting your wishes into the seas
Did you travel to many far away places
Relaxing calmly in the beautiful of spaces
Did you find yourself under the night sky with all your troubles left far
And pass the time blowing kisses upon every fallen star
Did you gaze upon some golden jeweled treasure
It would surely grow dull against your beauty by any given measure
Did you walk through sweet memories you hold dear
Or catch the ones that drifted far so you’ll always have them near
Did you slowly rock from the sky like a leaf to the ground
Or find peace in the silence of no one else around
Did you finally come to rest upon a bed softer than an angel’s feather
Or ease your mind to the sound of rain underneath stormy weather
Your very presence in this world is a color I see in every picture
Beautiful,strong and kind, all in one single mixture
Everything you are captivates my days
And thoughts of you wrap around me in such enchanting ways
My eyes always find you amongst the many others
I never can ignore the beauty of your colors


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