Your words echo through my and sing me softly to sleep
Laid upon every inch of promise for you that I keep
Here we are you and me and the only thing that can keep us apart is doubt
But with your hand in mine there is nothing that we can’t figure out
No one else could even begin to understand what it would mean
Wrapped up in a mile of blankets with the prettiest woman I have ever seen
Tracing words of affection and hearts across your beautiful face
The journey is over together we have found our place
Not a single thing matters about where we go from here
As long as you are in my arms, ill love you beyond the day we die my dear
Nothing lifts me up like the feeling of your love
And I can see for years in our future when I am floating this high above
It rains down upon me like a hundred water falls
In a room with your name written on all four walls
Nothing has felt this strong before
And yesterday just doesn’t matter anymore
Between the ink stretched across my skin
Is every inch of you slowly sinking in
Finally now I can shed all of this heavy sorrow
Now that a bright new day burns away a dark tomorrow
In each of us a fire burns and is seen by all that are around
A single touch from me to you could burn a block to the ground
I am a walking portrait of a feeling I could never hide
Everyone will know this is what it sounds like when hearts collide


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