Your eyes beg for attention I can plainly see
Close your pretty eyes and rest your head on me
Breathing slowly,deeply till we drift away
We feel asleep in one another’s arms and we wake up that way
The sun shines upon you like colored shades of glass
I feel warm inside to the the thought this could ever come to pass
My head in the clouds I hope its not too late
To be able to share things with you no other can relate
To wrap my arms around you softly and gently hold
You close to my heart confessing things untold
A moment without worry or concept of time
Trade complication for love so simple,take 2 pennies for our dime
To live as one without having to wonder
If its just a matter of time before it all goes under
We put the past to rest no regrets just security
That we will never fall to the worlds impurity
Our color will never peel and slowly fade
Because the love that we wanted is the love that we made
We gathered close to a truth we thought we never knew
True friends are forever maybe Ill spend it with you
A few touches of your skin before I awake
Every second I treasure no detail I forsake
A dream or a memory wrapped up like this
Ill see you again in my dreams until you wake me with a kiss


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