By Two

I often lay here at night pretending
Of moments and time we should be spending
They fall upon me like warm soothing watery drips
And your name escapes softly from my enticed smiling lips
Though the letters are few each rolls over me like a passing day
Attached to every inch of the reasons I’m feeling this way
Made of wished upon stars,wrapped in a flowery ivy stretching endless miles long
Laced together with the sweetest of dreams, colored by words from a beautiful song
With every step we could take this journey together
Over miles of winding roads, through any stormy weather
It would make no difference what roads we would choose to take
Standing still miles apart would be our greatest mistake
All hope need not be abandoned when you enter here
My heart shield you always the one I hold so dear
Why just stand by and watch happiness slip away
When only the will to move is standing in your way
We all sway when we stand about so rugged and tense
Blown back and forth by the winds of people who make no sense
Take the sum of everything that could possibly go wrong
Divide it by two, together we always stay strong
Even if I am bruised,broken,battered and sore
I won’t let those people hurt you anymore
The key is in your hands and I have guided you to the door
All that’s left is to walk through together,so what are we waiting for


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