Between Curls and Pearls

Somewhere in between your miles of silky blonde curls
And your ivory white smile that shines like pearls
I lose myself and I sit here for awhile
Every thought of you that passes is greeted with a smile
I feel no need to hide behind the shrouds
My feet touch the floor but my head is in the clouds
And I want so bad just to look at you and say
Your an angel to my soul, please help me fly away
You stand so good amongst the day lit skies
Every inch of it above the very color of your eyes
I am so sorry you’ve felt the carelessness of fools in your heart
They should have held it close but they’ve torn it all apart
Left that precious picture of you with so many creases
And walked away without picking up the pieces
If affection is a river for you I would make a waterfall
And all that came before wouldn’t matter none at all
I would show you just exactly what it feels like inside of me
To ever let you down I just couldn’t let it be
And with pieces from each other the strongest mountains ever built
Like a flower blooming everyday I would never let it wilt
And it could rise so high we would never be in the shade
The greatest things we could ever share are the ones that we made


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