As You

I came forth with every thought of you I could describe straight from my heart
To hold it any a single day longer would have torn me unmercifully apart
We sat in silence after I spoke the final word
My heart thumping in my chest is the only sound I heard
Slowly echoing through the walls of my dizzy head
I recalled every moment of what I had just said
I stared out my window at the sky of a late afternoon
You greeted me warmly as you entered my room
I smiled as I quickly turned my head
You took your seat next to me on my bed
I invited you to hear what I had to say
I have spent a long time looking forward to this day
I took a deep breath as I gently took your hand
I begged upon life itself that you would understand
The words came to me so vivid and clear
I spoke without any doubt nor a single thought of fear
I wish I could turn myself inside out so you could see how beautiful you make me feel
If ever I felt true love for a woman this love of you is real
We have shared so many laughs and stories
Confided in one another our troubles and worries
We have built a bond of trust I never question
I never hesitate to speak my confession
When I look at you I feel like I have wings and could fly through endless skies
Yet I would rather be nowhere else but here loosing myself in your beautiful eyes
In the halls of my soul the feeling of you lives behind an elegantly trimmed door
Made of stained glass with colors more beautiful than any I have ever seen before
Colors that pour from you and with them you have so delicately painted
Over every inch of me that others left black and tainted
The door is glass so you can see right through
Every inch of me without my darkness getting to you
You have become forever a safe guarded part of me
Together in our lives I know how wonderful it could be
Coming home to find you weary from the trials of your day
Listening to every word you have to say
I would hold you in my arms everyday just like this
You look up at me and I meet you halfway with a kiss
Your always up waiting for me in this late hour
Just before bed we wind down with a shower
You seem cold so I turn it up hotter
I marvel at your beautiful form cloaked in running water
My hands move from your shoulders and easily find their place
Resting thankfully on both sides of your soft beautiful face
I look into the deepest strands of those heavenly eyes
My touch is rewarded by the sound of relief in your sighs
I run my hands through your hair carefully straightening every tangle
I am the luckiest man alive to be holding such a beautiful angel
Later we lay in each others arms resting in our bed
On my chest you rest your weary head
Laughing and talking of only things that bring a smile
We are grateful just to spend time together for awhile
As we drift peacefully off to sleep
Never letting you go is a promise I know I will always keep
This is a vision of just one night I would have together with you
We would find happiness even in the simple things we do
What more could I ask for than spending my life with you my friend
The moments we share I never want to end
I swear it upon every star in the sky above
I have jumped from the clouds and fallen in love
Ive fallen so very far for you
Thinking of you is all I can do
My mind turns back to the silence at hand
I pray that you can understand
Your eyes well and you shed a single tear
I wrap you in my arms and pull you near
You are my angel and every word I have said is true
I kiss your candy lips, I have never loved anyone as much as I love you


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