Aim High

There isn’t a place you could be that I wouldn’t go
High into the sky or the deep see below
Just like the feel when an autumn wind blows
You soothe my heart wherever it goes
Who else could find beauty in a cold rainy day
But people who were born this way
I give you all that I am
And I don’t give a damn
If anyone else understands me but you
You’ve always been true
Your here even when no ones around
I’m so glad I found
Someone who undeniably knows
How real love grows
When you speak my eyes don’t leave your lips
And I hide behind my fingertips
Your voice sends tremors right down my spine
And I wish so badly that you were all mine
I dream to see the sun rise in your eyes
And fall asleep next to you when daylight dies
I want ot feel your warmth against my skin
And tickle you softly just to watch you grin
Forget your pain and all the troubles life brings
Baby raise your head high and spread your wings
No chains can hold you away from your sky
Come with me and show the world how we fly
We broke free of despair and escaped from its tangles
Now lets see what its really like to live life like angels


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