Affectionate Eclipse

No concept of time in these minutes of moments that pass
Lost in my thoughts leaning upon this foggy glass
So many thoughts of you and I would welcome many more
As I trace your name across this shower door
My wet feet upon the cold floor brings anticipation to bloom
And the realization your feet away waiting in my room
I walk in and lock the door,past your bags on the floor
This long week doesn’t matter to me anymore
I stretch in relief as I slowly raise my head
To the sight of you resting calmly in my bed
I curl up beside you and we settle comfortably into place
My arm wraps around you and you welcome the embrace
The street light hits my window and its beams dance through your hair
The smell of your sweet perfume fills the December air
The sound of the fan’s soothing breeze
And the rhythm of your breathing puts my mind at ease
I rub your back enjoying the softness of your skin
From the top all the way down and slowly back again
I skim your side with just my fingertips
Rest the palm of my hands perched upon your hips
The way you gently sway and move
Leaves no doubt that you surely approve
Just like shining bright behind dim light you burn me with your lips
Unable to resist staring straight into our affectionate eclipse


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