I miss you every single day you aren’t in my sight
I miss holding you and singing you to sleep every night
All change in me for the better was made for you
I think of you always in every single thing I do
I miss you every moment that you aren’t near
And every moment you aren’t I wish you were here
I feel so empty when you aren’t here to hold
Life seems so dark,my world so very cold
When you face the world please know its true
Your daddy’s love will always be there for you
I cant express enough how proud you make me feel
And in this world of uncertainty you will always be real
This unbreakable bond we eternally share
Grows stronger everyday through patience and care
Through all my faults and imperfections the world will see
Being the best I can for you is what I will always be
I would burn forever to equal all your tears
I’d face a legion of demons to break all of your fears
I’d walk a million miles straight through hell
If it would guarantee the life you live would be well
When I get home from work just before I sleep I listen to our song
I sing every word hoping it wont be long
Until I see your pretty smile once more
Every time I treasure it just as before
I am always vigilant,I am always watching,never fear
I love you daddy are the greatest words I could ever hope to hear


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