This Is My Harmony

Darkness covers me and I drift slowly,softly to sleep
Blurred images appear before my eyes so bright yet dark and deep
They quickly sharpen and I am surrounded by a field of snow
The moon hangs high in the dark night sky through the clouds its glow
The snow falls slowly and gently to the ground
My footsteps crunch in the snow and echo all around
In the distance a tree stands tall and alone
Covered by thick layers of ice it sparkles brighter than anything I’ve known
I slowly walk forward with my eyes fixed on the tree
In only moments I already stand before it, I drop to one knee
The wind picks up quickly the snow blinds my eyes
Cutting right through me all warmth within quickly dies
The wind remains as the snow begins to clear
I turn around as I sense someone near
Before me stands a petite womanly figure,she raises her hand
I take hers in mine she pulls me close,together we now stand
She lifts her head with her eyes closed pointing to the skies
Her lips part as she takes a breath and slowly opens her eyes
Bright beautiful green eyes greet me with a gentle stare
They shine softly through her dark silky hair
Her face so soft and smooth from every single angle
Her hair flows gently over her face without the slightest tangle
Her velvet lips parted and her words were so softly spoken
Let your pain stop,know you heart will no longer be broken
Who you are inside you will never forsake
There are some things people can never take
Things that are yours alone and forever in you
That shine brightly in everything you do
Her hand graced my face,her touch was a perfect symphony
Her very presence in my life a pure epiphany
She rose to the tips of her toes and blessed me with a kiss
She smiled and said,This is my harmony you need nothing but this


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