This Is My Harmony 2

I lay upon my bed waiting for sleep
My mind wanders inward to the feelings I keep
You are deeply on my mind tonight it seems
As I slowly fade I find you in my dreams
Back to the snowy field just beside the tree
Where I found your harmony flowing within me
You told me all I needed was this
As you were in my arms covering me in bliss
It picked up where it ended before
And I was there lost in your eyes once more
Just you and me in the cold winter air
My arms around you.your hands running through my hair
In nearly every dream I find you in this place
Staring back at me with affection on your face
Your lovely hair so long and dark
Your porcelain skin perfect in every mark
Every strand felt like it was trail
As it hung over your eyes like veil
I followed every path straight down to your chin
I moved it aside and found your eyes again
Not jade nor emeralds shine so bright and green
A treasure unlike any other I have seen
I missed them every time you would blink
I would swim in them yet all I did was sink
Slowly down into them once again
I wanted to tell you but I didn’t know where to begin
I couldn’t find words to express how I felt
About how everything you are makes me melt
Into a puddle of water running through your fingers
Blessed with a feeling that always lingers
Your hands moved down upon my face
Stopping on either side locked softly in place
Just below your eyes my gaze traced your nose
I admired it for the shape and loved it for its pose
From the tip of your nose my stare sank to your lips
As my hands made a bed of your warm gentle hips
I trembled to your voice as you so eagerly spoke
My ears signed a contract law nor god himself could revoke
To feel and hang onto every single word
And take to heart everything I heard
You took a breath and raised your head
My heart throbbed warmly as you said
Here we are again in this embrace
It seems we have made this our special place
If your ever lost you can always find me here
You are not alone come to me without fear
Not the darkest of times nor the skies of gray
Nothing will ever make me push you away
Your arms are reach me through pain and sorrow
Which will fade when you wake tomorrow
I gave you harmony to carry with you inside
I wear it on my wrist with mercy and pride
Let not this world stretch you far and thin
Nor people keep you in holes they cast you in
You’ve broken chains with nothing more than will
Yet you live your life in sadness still
Do you not see your footprints in the snow
You were never knew just where to go
Through hurt and suffer you walked right to me
Through ice and snow right where you wanted to be
Now you are here holding your prize
Under snowy December skies
You once talked of how October
Was full of things you cant get over
Yet here you are passed it with me in December
Forging memories you’ll want to remember
Don’t mark days with memories of sorrow
But fill each one with hope for tomorrow
You weren’t thrown away or left behind
You were sent on your way so you could find
The arms in which you truly belong
Where you finally feel peace and nothing is wrong
This is but a dream but you know how you feel
When you find me while your awake you’ll see how real
A dream can be when its born within your heart
Its a dream that can never be broken apart
When you wake keep looking for me around every turn
Think fondly of me until next time you return
In between these dreams one day you’ll find love
And when it rises you high you’ll look down from above
You’ll see how far you’ve come then you’ll know
How far you are willing to go
To hold on to what you treasure
To keep it close by any measure
Your words sank deeply down within
And I had hope once again
I leaned forward and your lips met mine
The softest of kisses so graceful and divine
It seemed to go on forever.longer than before
And all I could think about was wanting it more
I felt the wind slowly stop.the snow now barely fell
It was about to be over and i could reluctantly tell
In a few moments my time  would end here with you
And I couldn’t stay no matter how much I wanted to
The feel of your presence slowly started to fade
I would be left to remember this dream we made
Then sun beamed upon my face and I slowly rose
My wonderful dream had once again came to a close


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