Lady Of The Garden

Thoughts of you echo softly through my head
And I day dream about you as I lay awake in bed
I see you standing beautifully in a field of dark red roses
The orange sun kissing your skin as daylight closes
Wrapped in a warm white long silky dress
The very image of you candy to my soul I must confess
The sweet scent of your presence filled my every breath of air
My every ounce of attention hanging in your long dark hair
A handful of steps brings me eagerly close to you
Near a pool of water you diligently stare into
In the water my eyes trace your reflection
Blessed by the tones of your soft white complexion
Your fingers slide down my hand and lock as one with mine
My head spins with feelings words can’t define
The sun gives way to moonlit skies
And I can’t escape those big brown eyes
My eyes close soothingly to the touch of your fingertips
And I wrap my arms tightly around your hips
All that was once shattered no longer feels broken
And we say so much without a single word spoken
Where I once spent days counting all my scars
A drift away to you now, standing together under stars
My eyes open , you have my attention’s undying devotion
I feel so weightless sinking deeply in your ocean
A picture painted in my mind with all my favorite colors
Of you and I worlds away from all the others
I whisper my appreciations softly in your ear
Thankful today I find my arms around you holding you so dear
The possibilities entwined into the fabric of my imagination
Wandering through dreams built upon your inspiration
A place in my heart that can not petrify or harden
Touched by the soft hands of the lady of the garden


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