Hail To The King

Life beat me without mercy and left me on the ground
I reached for a hand yet no one was around
I crawled slowly toward the wall
I dug my fingers in every nook and cranny so small
With every ounce of strength I slowly stood
Fueled by memories of hope and good
The thought of still breathing was bitter sweet
As I let go to stand on my own two feet
On step at a time I slowly walk
I look behind me to see my past outlined in chalk
I can’t go back to what isn’t there
And thinking about it won’t get me anywhere
My legs grow stronger and faster around every turn
With determination I vow to give the world a lesson to learn
I reach rolling hills,I dig my feet in walking faster
Pushing on toward the trials to master
Miles of hills end at towering walls
I ignore the sounds of doubts calls
I climb them all until I come to walls of ice
The time it takes to climb them is a hefty price
I summon my strength knowing just what to do
If I can’t get over it I’m going to get through
My anger burns hotter than a bed of coals
My fists beat bloody against the ice making holes
Digging in I keep going with purpose and pride
Until I emerge with bloody hands standing on the other side
I see a storm in the distance
I walk right into it without resistance
The wind tears at me,water rushes down like a fountain
In the eye of the storm I stand firmly at the base of a mountain
I scale cliffs never looking back
I gain all the motivation I always seemed to lack
I scrape against the rocks cut and torn on sharp jagged edges
I cast guilt,fear and denial from its towering ledges
Through countless slip I never seem to fall
I scale the final cliff, I’m on the top standing tall
I peer across the kingdom that is my life
Tracing the path I took, a journey of pain and strife
It is all mine to shape and mold
Will I burn it in light or cover it in darkness and cold
I crack a smile to the possibilities as I’m on top looking down
I tangle together pain and pleasure to wear them as my crown
I use the crown to shape my new found place
When the work is done I wipe the sweat from my face
With pleasure I painfully shaped the stone
I place my crown upon my head and take a seat on my throne
No longer afraid,I’m no longer the fool
My life is my own and mine to rule
I scoff at the challenges tomorrow will bring
Welcome to my world, hail to the king


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