From You

Give me your hand
When you cant withstand
Your happiness that crumbles to sand
If the wind blows it away
I will still stay
You need to know me this way
Deep within bone
Let it be known
This love will always be shown
Climb over it all
I wont let you fall
Ill be there whenever you call
Torn at the creases
Hand me the pieces
My dedication never ceases
If your colors turn grey
Ill smile anyway
Cause nothing can take this away
The tears that you cry
From wondering why
Are only from clouds in the sky
I know how hard its been
Your hurting within
Promise me you’ll never give in
To the burdens of pain
Clouding your brain
Don’t pour your life down the drain
Don’t leave me alone
After I’ve known
All this love you have shown
The warmth of your light
Always felt right
And gave me a reason to fight
The strength that I drew
Came solely from you
Reflecting in all that I do
When push comes to shove
We rise above
That is what it means to love
Please never doubt
Your never without
Me to help work anything out
The moments we share
Will always be there
I can feel them everywhere
Ill quiet your screams
Stitch up the seams
Mending all of your broken dreams
Nothing can kill
Something this real
So strong in all that we feel
I hope you believe
In this love we conceive
Ill never ask you to leave


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