Carry On

Some days it feels like it takes forever to peel myself off of the floor
It seems like days before I even open my bedroom door
I sleep away the day and live for the night
I find no comfort in the warmth of the light
I have my imperfections and I wear them well
I smile like heaven but burn inside like hell
My hands loose their grip yet I endure
In search of something real and pure
Even in the weakest moments I keep control as my blood begins to boil
I see red in my eyes and I brace myself for turmoil
As it nearly takes its toll I hear your voice inside my head
Calming me, comforts me,gentle flakes of snow take away the red
I see your pretty face and your dark flowing hair surrounds me
Your voice echoes in my head and sets me free
Be not the device of hate
Turn away before its too late
Remember who you are,remember the pain you hid
And how your swore ti not be molded by things she did
Its not your fault you bleed from your incisions
Don’t let pain make your decisions
If the world is too heavy drop all of the dead weight
Once it pins you down it will be too late
Even if all your love has faded away
You will find it once again some day
My ears hear the words thoughts of you speak
I raise my head high no longer feeling weak
I swallow my words and drain the darkness within
I squeeze my fists, my grip is back again
I see my scars in the mirror
They have never been so clearer
What I thought was a road map of pain has suddenly evolved
Scars become badges of honor for trials resolved
I wash my face,my will renews and I carry on
There’s a lot left to do before I’m dead and gone


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