Pushing through the cold prowling the darkness of the night
Misery in my heart and anger in my sight
Walking the streets trying to let all this go
A war raging inside my head but I don’t let it show
Under the street lights I clinch my cold shaking hand
When I reach the darkness at the end of the road I stop and stand
This was my life,my years I have spent in the dark alone
It all come full circle and I’ve lost all I’ve known
So many memories of pleasure and smiling faces
Fade away at the time I’ve spent wasting away in empty places
Every attempt to better myself has always come too late
And I am left to my unending heartache and my stone written fate
When it mattered most all I could do was fail
I’m burning alive screaming for you from hell
I am consumed by guilt with every single moment that passes
I see the tears from my eyes in the reflection of my glasses
Ill never have you again here in my life
I chill at that thought and the November wind cuts me like a knife
Your love meant everything and our month will be forever October
And everyday I will feel the things I will never get over
I’m still fighting nothing has ever been this tough
I am doing all that I can but I know it wont be enough
For you to give me the only other chance ill ever need
For you to forgive me for my anger and greed
I don’t know what it takes to be able to let you go
So all I can do is let you know
I don’t blame you if you never look back or if I’m never on your mind
Or if what made you happy was leaving me behind


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