Another Moment

Lean upon me now, rest your worried head and your weary bones
They carved all of their promises into throwing stones
You endure their scrapes upon your porcelain skin
Now let go of the weight and watch it all fall in
Walk with me far away from this rocky shore
You need not chase these ghosts anymore
What has came has now gone, so bitter is this sun
A long story comes to close but another has just begun
Everything begins and ends, a cycle of life played out through the ages
It is your words now that are to be inked upon these pages
Will you write about the beauty of all your sweetest dreams
Or the ghosts of memories past that taunt you with their screams
Will you speak of a life filled of warmth and love
Or sorrow that soaked your soul from a black sky above
Perhaps your fond of distant quiet places
Or just happy in the security of your little spaces
Of all things that you remember there is so much you will forget
With your hand in mine we share this cold sunset
The stars above us now, I see them scattered within your eyes
Stretched endlessly upon the dark cloudless skies
Each one a single wish that throughout your live you gave
For love, for strength to stand for who you are so proudly and brave
For the courage to carry on and start a life anew
For life to be filled with people who appreciate the best of things in you
When it comes to the journey you are never with out a choice
So many will see you speak but few will truly hear your voice
Who you really are speaks from so very deep within
Every single word of it has surely drawn me in
You rest your head upon my shoulder with comforting sighs
And look up at me with your big pretty eyes
Cradled upon my face both sets of your silky fingertips
They slowly pull me in and my world collides with your sweet lips
For every inch they were they carried me a mile
And all that was endured felt worthwhile
Without dreams like these, thoughts like this, my heart would be long buried and dead
Just another moment spent with you in in my head


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